About us

Nehemia Lachovitz presents you with the world’s finest cuts of meat selected meticulously from calves raised in natural grazing pastures. The meat is natural, containing no added water, chemicals or other artificial substances. Lean natural beef contains less cholesterol than chicken and more iron than spinach. It also supplies Vitamins B6 and B12 and other nutrients which are vital to our health and for our body’s proper functioning.

To complete the food basket, we select for you the finest quality and variety of fish from the coldest and deepest regions of the world’s oceans.

About Us

“Nehemia Lachovitz” is a company that imports beef to Israel, with a family tradition in the beef business that began with Grandpa Shmuel in the village of Ostroleka in Poland. We are experts in selecting healthy and superb cattle herds.

What We Do

Our job begins with selecting the cuts of beef to suit our diverse customers: boutique butchers, professional kitchens, meat-producing factories, marketing and distribution companies and more. We choose from the healthiest, plumpest cattle from the best herds in the world.

Meat Packing

The company’s products are packaged with the approval of the health and agricultural authorities in Israel, under strict supervision in the most advanced packing plants in the world, which maintain the strictest standards of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and/or those of the European Union.

Meat Storage

Products are received in Israel and stored immediately in our dedicated refrigerated storage rooms, which are fitted with the latest equipment for keeping produce frozen.

Meat Distribution

The produce is transported to our clients’ refrigerators by way of dedicated temperature-controlled vehicles, which are equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available in the industry.

Our Values & Principles

Our company has always maintained high standards and will continue to ensure the integrity of our products, with no added water, chemicals or other additives. This way the integrity of the produce is maintained and other than being cut, aged or minced, the products keeps their natural, fresh flavour and texture. And so, the high quality of our products is preserved.